Fitness Creates Opportunity


We are a husband and wife team. We met teaching on the NYC fitness scene. Eric, a health and fitness guru. Debra, a marketer by day and fitness instructor by night. Following our passion for fitness, we grew two brands with our own pennies and a lot of blood, sweat and tears — creating security for our family of 5 and jobs that we love, marrying fitness and business in a highly-emerging industry.

We founded EVF Performance in 2012; a strength and conditioning studio brand with 2 NYC locations that brings together a community that believes in being stronger together. We founded Row House in 2014; a disruptor in the boutique fitness industry establishing a new form of cardio and strength training.  After proving our concept in the NYC market, we have partnered with Xponential Fitness to take Row House around the globe.

We've come a long way: From late-night talks after the kids went to bed and ideas jotted down on the backs of envelopes, to spotting our growing brands across New York and expansion nationwide and beyond.



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