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Eric Von Frohlich

Eric is Co-Founder and Owner of EVF Performance and Row House. He is a seasoned fitness pioneer and national spokesman in the fields of health, exercise, and wellness. He is an expert on trends and techniques in fitness and wellness, as well as on what it takes to create a strong community.  He owns and operates four NYC studios with his wife and business partner. 

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Fitness & Wellness

Eric has a passion for helping others live a better life. He speaks firsthand on his athletic pursuits, how he trains and how he gets others to train. He always has his finger on the pulse and guides his training with the idea that everyone starts somewhere, action dispels fear and fitness creates opportunity.

Creating community

Be it his Practice class, the first SAQ class at Equinox; RoadFit, the first outdoor bootcamp in NYC; Row House, the pioneer Boutique Rowing Studio; or EVF Performance, one of the first CrossFit boxes in NYC, Eric has cultivated strong fitness communities through his vision.

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Debra Strougo (Frohlich)

Debra left a life behind the desk to bridge her business acumen with her passion for fitness. She teamed up with her husband, Eric, and started to build the dream. Together, they balance their work and family — and have found a way to do the work they love and bring their vision for fitness communities far and wide.  Debra is the Co-Founder of Row House and EVF Performance. She owns and operates 4 NYC studios with her husband and business partner, Eric.  Debra is a Goldman Sachs 10KSB scholar; in 2016 Row House was chosen as a company likely to have exponential growth. 

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Debra has extensive corporate and start-up experience, as well as the sales and marketing expertise necessary to build successful businesses.  She is a graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10KSB program and has consulted for numerous national fitness brands.

Balancing family & work

With three children at three different stages of life, two brands, and four studios, Debra enjoys sharing how she balances it all. She speaks on making your passion your profession and how to blend a successful business and life. 

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