Popularity of Rowing Races Ahead

At Row House in New York, the crew on land gets the same physical benefits as those on the water..."  Row House owners Eric and Debra Frohlich saw an opportunity with the ergometer, also known as the "erg."  "It's such an effective full-body workout that it just didn't make sense to me that there wasn't rows of them like treadmills," Eric described.

"We started to find that a lot of people had history rowing and they loved it," Debra said.  "The most addictive quality is when you hear all the fly wheels spin up at the same second," Eric said.While there are plenty of people who prefer to go at it solo, Frohlich said whether you're on the water or on dry land, the real benefits can only be had when you're rowing with a crew.

"Rowing at its best is just a large group of people breathing together. It almost becomes like a meditative, powerful breath," Eric said.  "And you go so much further than you would ever on your own," Debra added.

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