Group Rowing Classes All the Rage

Move over SoulCycle, there’s a new studio workout coming to town.

Group rowing studios are popping up around the nation and enthusiasts say the trend is all about getting back to basics.

"Rowing used to be the most popular sport in the US.," said Eric von Frohlich, co-founder and owner of Row House in New York City. "I think there’s this resurgence coming back, finding the things that really work, the things that are really authentic, and we’ve tapped into that and we’re riding that wave."

Row House is so popular, Von Frohlich said, that classes are often sold out.

The studio is about to open a third New York City location and is talking about expanding.

No longer the dusty machine in the gym corner, rowing is having a major resurgence, even among people -- like me – who’ve never been on a machine before.

"We get new people all the time and we consider that part of our job and get them familiar with the benefits of the rowing machine and get them acquainted with why it’s the best piece of rowing equipment out there," said Debra Strougo Frohlich , co-founder and owner of Row House.

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