How One Mom Balances Motherhood, Fitness, and Entrepreneurship

Balancing a demanding career, motherhood, and optimal health can be a challenge. 

That's why we turned to fitness entrepreneur and mom Debra Strougo Frohlich, cofounder of Row House and EVF Performance—and speaker at this year's Boutique Fitness Summit—for her top tips on how busy moms can manage it all. 

Carve out time to get physical. Whether it's 30 minutes every day or an hour a few times a week, make a point to set aside some time to get your workout on. 

Approach fitness as exploration. It's indisputable that movement and activity feel good," says Strougo Frohlich. “It's just a matter of figuring out which activity is right for you."

Mix family time with fitness. Strougo Frohlich's five-member clan enjoys skiing, ice skating, and biking together. 

Strougo Frohlich knows firsthand that maintaining a balance is a process that will ultimately take time to fine-tune. 

“Remember that life is a marathon, not a sprint. You're in it for the long game, so be kind to yourself." What Rowing Taught This Founder About How to Succeed on a Team

When Eric Frohlich thinks of teamwork, he can't help but think of boats. That's because Frohlich is a passionate rower--he's also the founder of Row House, which offers full-body rowing workouts. After years of indulging in the sport, and as an entrepreneur, he's finally revealing the top teamwork insights he's learned on the water.

1. Create, clarify and authentically believe in a common goal and strategy

Teams can achieve success only when they have a clear goal that everyone agrees on and works for. Each person in the group has to understand how their contributions move everyone forward. That means managers have to be intimately aware not only of each individual's purpose, but also what motivates them to action (e.g., financial incentive, respect or admiration of others) for the good and closeness of the company.

"A common call on the water is 'mind in the boat.' The coxswain is the only one who is seated in the boat that can actually see where the boat is going. Thus, he/she acts as the eyes and ears and has the role of calling the race strategy and requires the trust of the entire crew. This lets each rower focus on what he or she needs to do.

"An effective manager can have the same effect in the workplace. When you really trust that the person who's telling you what needs to be, you can work with complete conviction, as if you're seeing it with your own eyes. That trust helps teams accomplish more together."


Popularity of Rowing Races Ahead

At Row House in New York, the crew on land gets the same physical benefits as those on the water..."  Row House owners Eric and Debra Frohlich saw an opportunity with the ergometer, also known as the "erg."  "It's such an effective full-body workout that it just didn't make sense to me that there wasn't rows of them like treadmills," Eric described.

"We started to find that a lot of people had history rowing and they loved it," Debra said.  "The most addictive quality is when you hear all the fly wheels spin up at the same second," Eric said.While there are plenty of people who prefer to go at it solo, Frohlich said whether you're on the water or on dry land, the real benefits can only be had when you're rowing with a crew.

"Rowing at its best is just a large group of people breathing together. It almost becomes like a meditative, powerful breath," Eric said.  "And you go so much further than you would ever on your own," Debra added.

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Group Rowing Classes All the Rage

Move over SoulCycle, there’s a new studio workout coming to town.

Group rowing studios are popping up around the nation and enthusiasts say the trend is all about getting back to basics.

"Rowing used to be the most popular sport in the US.," said Eric von Frohlich, co-founder and owner of Row House in New York City. "I think there’s this resurgence coming back, finding the things that really work, the things that are really authentic, and we’ve tapped into that and we’re riding that wave."

Row House is so popular, Von Frohlich said, that classes are often sold out.

The studio is about to open a third New York City location and is talking about expanding.

No longer the dusty machine in the gym corner, rowing is having a major resurgence, even among people -- like me – who’ve never been on a machine before.

"We get new people all the time and we consider that part of our job and get them familiar with the benefits of the rowing machine and get them acquainted with why it’s the best piece of rowing equipment out there," said Debra Strougo Frohlich , co-founder and owner of Row House.

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