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Pioneering the wellness space with two boutique fitness brands running more than 250 classes weekly across 4 studio schedules in NYC, and talking with others about what it takes to thrive.

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Row House

Row House was born from the idea that rowing is simply the most efficient low impact, high intensity, full-body workout for any fitness level that unites, inspires and creates strong bonds.

EVF Performance

EVF Performance is about strength and conditioning. The signature EVF 360 program was created to provide a training program for individuals to do in motivational groups regardless of level. This is a stand-alone program and a hallmark of the EVF community, offered alongside CrossFit programming. 



Speaking engagements & Consulting

Eric and Debra began their businesses together from scratch. Without past experience running brick and mortar studios, they figured out what they needed to build two successful brands — while bootstrapping their projects and raising a young family.